1000M Range Transmission Module

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1000M Range Transmission Module


Product Feature
RCT02TXD2 has the advantages of small size, wild operating voltage range(2.8-3.6V), high transmitting power, low power consumption, and stable operating function, which adopting the SMD technique, the advanced crystal based(PLL) on frequency stabilization techniques and superior PCB, and other materials of very low loss in quality. This module is produced by the highly developed techniques, tested by the imported machine, strictly quality controlled before shipment, which directly matches with various coding circuit. It is largely used in long range data wireless transmission, remote control, security and alarm systems.

Technical Parameters
1. Operating Voltage:DC2.8-3.6V
2. Operating Current:about 200mA
3. Operating Frequency:315MHz/433MHz
4. Modulation:ASK/OOK(AM
) 5. Transmitting Power:>100mW
6. Transmitting Range:1000m(Open area)@-111dBm sensitivity
7. Connection Mode:4 Pins(at intervals of 2.54mm)VDD DATA GND AN
T 8. Shape Size:40×30×8mm
9. Operating Temperature:-20℃~+70℃
10. Application: electrically operated gate, shutter, switch via remote control, and other home automation system, as well as security and alarm systems.

Important Notice
Please note that the transmitting of this module is momentary, less than 3 seconds of transmitting time each time is suggested; otherwise the high frequency transmitting valve may be damaged.

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