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RCT01MRXB21 UHF radio receiver module is a superheterodyne receiver module. The set carrier frequency is 868MHz, while it can be customized within the range of 850 to 950MHz. Our radio receiver module is easy to use, which can realize wireless signal input to data signal output without any external circuit.
The receiver module now is widely used in garage door openers, smart home systems, wireless home security systems, alarm systems, environmental monitoring systems, and more.

1. Our radio receiver module offers a high sensitivity of -109dBm.
2. It adopts OOK/ASK modulation mode and achieves a maximum data transmission rate of 10kbps.
3. It provides a receiving bandwidth of 200k Hz.
4. The receiver module has strong anti-interference ability and its image rejection ratio reaches -40db.
5. The good local oscillator radiation inhibition function enables multiple receiver modules to work together without affecting the receiving distance.
6. With stabilized voltage supply inside, the module has an input voltage range of 3V to 5.5V.
7. The radio receiver module offers low power consumption. The operating current is just about 9mA. The SHUT port allows standby mode, and the standby current reaches 0.5uA.
8. The data port is simple and allows direct connection with SCM and decoding chip.
9. The radio receiver module operates stably at temperatures from -40 to 105℃.
10. If the transmitter power is 10dBm, the module receiving distance can be over 350m.

We are a specialized radio receiver module manufacturer in China. We offer various types of products such as TCXO, SAW resonator, SAW filter, and Pico repeater.

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