Superheterodyne Receiver Module RCT01SRXB12B

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Superheterodyne Receiver Module RCT01SRXB12B

RCT01SRXB12B superheterodyne receiver module is an ASK or OOK receiver super-heterodyne module which adopted SYN400R. It is designed specifically for unlicensed remote control and wireless security receiver operating at 315 or 433.92 MHz under part 15 of FCC regulation or the ETSI certification. It is also a RoHS compliant. Based on a single-chip, super-heterodyne receiver architecture, this product incorporates an entire phase-locked loop ensuring precise local oscillator generation. It can be widely used in OOK, HCS or PWM modulation signal for demodulating the digital signal. In a general sense, our product can find its applications in remote control, smart home system, alarm and security system, remote fan and light control, as well as gate and garage door openers.

Features of Superheterodyne Receiver Module RCT01SRXB12B
1. This product comes with low cost ASK or AM radio super-heterodyne receiver.
2. It offers high frequency stability and coherence. (Without adjustors)
3. Its antenna gives very low RF re-radiation.
4. Its operating temperature is controlled between -20 and 70 degrees centigrade. The maximum PIN soldering temperature is 330℃.
5. The supply voltage is of 2.8V~ 5.5V.
6. 315 or 433.92MHz frequency is available and other specific frequencies can be customized.
7. This product is compatible with most AM (ASK/OOK) transmitters.
8. It has 6 pins and pin distance is of 2.54mm.

Electrical Parameters of Superheterodyne Receiver Module RCT01SRXB12B
Parameter Specification Unit Condition
Minimum Standard Maximum
Frequency Range 300 315/433.92 450 MHz
Receiver Sensitivity -110 -105 dBm
Data Transmission Rate 0.058 10 KBaud
Supply Voltage, VDD 3.0 5.5 V DC
Operating Current 5.7 7.3 mA
Operating Temperature -20 +85

PCB Dimension

PIN Assignment and Explanation

PIN NO 1 2 3 4 5 6
Functional Explanation RF Input Power
Positive Power
Data output
Data output

For whip antenna: 22.6cm for 315 MHz, 17cm for 433.92 MHz is recommended.
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