Superheterodyne Receiver Module RCT01SRXB07

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Superheterodyne Receiver Module RCT01SRXB07

Our RCT01SRXB07 wireless high frequency superheterodyne receiver module is high sensitivity ASK or OOK receiver module. Due to its high stability, low cost, as well as strong anti jamming capability, it can offer the best RF solution in the market, especially suitable for industry control or harsh conditions. Built-in automatic generation control or AGC, our product automatically changes its front end LNA gain according to the change of receiving signals, ensuring the stability of input signals and higher sensitivity.

This wireless high frequency superheterodyne receiver module comes with four frequencies, that is, 315 MHz, 433.92 MHz, 868 MHz and 914.5 MHz. Its received signal is of OOK. Our product will output COMS signal to external decoder IC for decoding after receiving signal. All in all, it is widely ideal for burglar security system, wireless remote control car or robot, as well as automatic power switch control. Designed with six single in line pins and pin distance of 2.54mm, the product features small package size.

Product Identification
315MHZ RCT01SRXB07-315M
433.92MHZ RCT01SRXB07-434M

PIN Assignment and Explanation
Operating Voltage 3.0V~5.5V
Operating Current 4mA for 315MHz, 6mA for 33.92MHz, 9mA for 868.35MHz
Receiver Sensitivity -110dBm normally,
-108dBm~110dBm for 868MHz
Data Transmission Rate >9.6kbps
Operating Temperature -40℃~+85℃
PIN Soldering Temperature(3s) ≤330 degrees centigrade
Low Supply Current 30nA (In power down mode)
Optional Function RSSI Output
Dimension 43.2mm(L)*12.3mm(W)*5mm(H)
Electrical Parameters of Superheterodyne Receiver Module RCT01SRXB07
Parameter Specification Unit Condition
Minimum Standard Maximum
Frequency Range 300 315/433.92/868.35 930 MHz
Receiver Sensitivity -108 -110 -110 dBm BER=10E-2
Data Transmission Rate 0.058 9.0 KBaud
Supply Voltage, VDD 3.0 5.5 V DC
Operating Current 5.7 9 .0 mA
Operating Temperature -40 +85

Outline and Dimension

Length of Antenna (rigid wire): 22.6cm for 315MHz,
17 cm for 433.92MHz,
8.38cm for 868.35MHz.

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