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ASK Wireless Transmitter Module


RCT02LTX1 ASK wireless transmitter module is a wireless transmitter circuit board made using SAW resonator and high power RF circuit. The circuit is easy to use and consumes no current except the key is pressed down. It can be used in combination with ASK super regenerative receiver circuit or superheterodyne receiver circuit. The data port allows direct access to SCM or wireless encoding chip data signals to easily realize data to wireless signal transmitting function.

1. Our ASK wireless transmitter module features high output power of over 10mW.
2. It offers a wide operating voltage range from 3V to 12V.
3. Operating frequency includes 315 MHz and 433 MHz.
4. The use of SAW resonator ensures frequency stability of ±75KHZ.
5. Together with RXB8 receiver module, the ASK wireless transmitter module can achieve a transmitting distance of 300 to 500m.
6. The static power consumption is very low, just 10mA. There is nearly no current consumption in case of transmitting no data.
7. Our ASK wireless transmitter module can operate at temperatures from -20℃ to +60℃
8. Outline dimensions: 11x16x5.5MM
9. Modulation rate: 3KB/S
10. Input signal: TTL level

Our ASK wireless transmitter module is usually used for automotive remote keyless entry system(RKE), remote door opener, wireless security alarm, remote control curtain system, wireless industrial controller, wireless data transmission, and more.

Our company is a specialized ASK wireless transmitter module manufacturer and supplier in China. In addition to RF module, we offer SAW filter, TCXO, SAW resonator, and WiFi module.

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