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ASK RF Receiver Module


The RCT01IRXB02 superheterodyne RF receiver module is a superior performance receiver for ISM band. With the adoption of lnfineon's industrial RF wireless data receiver chip, this ASK superheterodyne RF receiver module has the highest sensitivity and strong anti-interference ability, with wireless signal input to the data signal output without any external circuit. Its superior performance took the interest of the car manufactures market, adopting this unit as the preferred choice for RKE receiver module. Users only need to decode the data plus a simple circuit and any wireless product can be easily achieved.

Features of the ASK RF Receiver Module
1) Receiver sensitivity to -110 dBm
2) Frequency: 315 MHz; 433 MHz; (specific frequency can be customized)
3) Voltage input range: 5V ± 10%
4) Low power consumption, 4.6mA
5) Power supply mode can be done to the lowest as 100nA
6) The ASK superheterodyne RF receiver module has fully integrated VCO and PLL synthesizer.
7) High selectivity and suppression of stray radiation, it's easy to pass various states' certification.
8) Good local oscillator radiation suppression. It can work with multiple receiver modules (i.e. single overcharged) and they don't interfere with each other. Using them together will not affect the receiver distance.
9) Temperature range: -40 to 85 ℃ (industrial grade) even if the temperature is in harsh environments, it works normally.

Applications of the ASK RF Receiver Module
1) Car alarm RKE system
2) Tire pressure monitoring system - TPMS
3) Data communications systems
4) Remote control system
5) Smart home system
6) Remote door opener
7) Wireless security alarm
8) Remote control curtains
9) Wireless industrial controller
10) Wireless data transmission

As a professional ASK RF receiver module manufacturer in China, we also offer wireless USB adapter, CDMA wideband pico repeater, TCXO, crystal resonator and more.

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